• G6 Poliuretanos Técnicos offers technical support during all the product development steps: since the generation of the first conceptual ideas to the delivering of the finished part. To this end, we offer the collaboration of external designers or our own technical office services. Once the design is finished, we offer you the making of rapid prototypes, cheap moulds for testing short series or the molds for the final PUR series.

    • 1 - Concept Design

    • Proceso 1
    • If you have just a basic concept idea, we can help you to make it real. We collaborate with the best industrial designers, especially with those specialized in our PUR manufacturing system. They'll know how to get the best of our material and give your piece the added value that only good design can provide.

    • 2 - Technical Project

    • Proceso 2
    • If you provide us a fully defined 3D design, our technical office will help you adapt your piece to our manufacturing system and will advise you throughout all the process. We will recommend you the kind of material that suits best to your needs, as well as the kind of mould you need, based on the quantities you expect to produce.

    • 3 - Prototypes, Models & Molds

    • Proceso 3
    • Finally, and once we'll have the design in 3D, we can make a basic mold to produce a small number of prototypes, or to manufacture the final mould (resin or aluminium). In any case, our moulds can be easily modified. That reduces the usual marked launching risks.

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