• G6 Poliuretanos Técnicos offers three types of PUR, based on its density: medium density (Integral), high density (Rigid Foam), very high density (RIM).

    • Very High Density PUR (RIM)

    • Density 1.100 Kg/m3.

      Suitable for outdoor products.

      Máximum impact resistance (practically unbreakable)

      Quite flexible.

    • PUR Muy Alta
    • High Density PUR (Rigid Foam)

    • Density 650 Kg/m3.

      Suitable for housings with a high aesthetic value.

      Quite hard and resistant.

      Totally rigid. 

    • PUR Alta
    • Medium Density PUR  (Integral)

    • Density 400 Kg/m3.

      Suitable for seats, handels and pieces in contact with the body.  

      Soft touch and very elastic.

      Needs metalic insert to provide resistance and structure. 

    • PUR Media
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