About us

  • G6 POLIURETANOS TÉCNICOS S.A. is a company with 20 years of experience in manufacturing polyurethane parts (PUR), in its different varieties: medium density (Integral), high density (Rigid Foam), very high density (RIM).

    Industrial design is the technical discipline that allows companies to increase the added value of their products through the differentiation from competitors, by a high formal and constructive quality improvement, by the reduction of costs ithroughtout all the manufacturing process and introducing ergonomic improvements for the user. PUR is a material that gives total formal and constructive freedom to designers.

    Total freedom for designers. PUR allows designers to integrate endless building possibilities (variables thicknesses with no distortions, metric inserts or self-screwing inserts direct into the material, matte or shiny finishing, pearlescent or bicolour painting, reproduction of prints or logos, smooth or textured finish, etc).

    Small or medium series with low investment. Our system is best suited for those complex and large parts, in medium or small quantities, which in other systems or materials would involve huge investments and uncertain results. The higher technical difficulty and quality finish you need, the most competitive you will find our service.

    The highest quality, but not at any price. We are specialized in those parts that belong to high added-value products. For this, we have our own technical office and we collaborate with the best design studios. All together, we guarantee that we can make your ideas become real at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest terms.

    • Our premices

    • Fachada G6
    • In our 800 m2 facilities, we have technical office, models and moulds workshop, injection department with the possibility of injecting parts from 100g up to 18Kg, machenaizations and finishing area, painting workshop and an assembly of auxiliary elements department. In this way, we can guarantee the complete development of the process, from a simple concept or idea (or a finished 3D file) until the totally finished delivering.

    • Small quantities and short terms

    • Secc Pintura G6
    • Our system is highly recommended for pre-series, short series (tens) or middle series (hundreds). So, you'll be able to bring your product to market and test it, before deciding if you keep manufacturing it in PUR or you transform it into another kind of thermoplastic. This method will allow you to reduce the risk of making the large investments needed to manufacture plastic parts.

    • Low investment in molds

    • Poliuretanos G6
    • We offer a wide range of manufacturing possibilities: in materials, finishes and molds. The investment costs are vey low, compared to plastic inyection moulds. Our development times are also lower than those needed in other manufacturing systems. These two aspects make us more competitive when you need to launch your product to market.

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