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G6 TECHNICAL POLYURETHANES S.A. is a company with 20 years of experience in the manufacture of POLYURETHANE (PUR) PARTS, in its different varieties: Medium density (Integral), High density (Rigid foam), Very High density (RIM and Regimers).
Industrial Design is the technical discipline that allows increasing the added value of products through differentiation from the competition, formal and constructive quality, cost reduction in manufacturing processes, and better ergonomics for the user. PUR is a material that provides complete formal and structural freedom to designers.

Total freedom for designers

PUR allows for infinite construction possibilities in your projects (variable thicknesses without creating deformations, metric inserts or direct self-tapping onto the material, finishes with matte, glossy, pearlescent, or bicolor paint, reproduction of engravings or logos, smooth or textured finishes, etc).

Small to medium runs with low investment

Our system is the most suitable for producing complex, large-sized pieces in medium or small quantities, which in other systems or materials would involve huge investments and uncertain results. The greater the technical difficulty and the quality of the finishes your piece requires, the more competitive you will find our service.

Maximum quality at a competitive price

We specialize in those parts that add high added value to products. For this, we have our own Technical Office, as well as the collaboration of the best Design Studios. Together, we guarantee that we can make your ideas a reality at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.

Our facilities

In our 1500m2 facility, we have a technical office, a model and mold workshop, an injection section with the capacity to inject parts ranging from 100g to 18Kg, as well as sections for machining and finishing parts, painting, and assembling auxiliary elements. This way, we can guarantee the complete execution of the development process, from when you provide us with a simple concept of your idea (or the final 3D design of the part) until we deliver it to you fully finished.

Short runs and short deadlines

Our system is ideal for producing pre-series, short runs (tens), or medium runs (hundreds). This way, you can launch the product to the market and test it before deciding whether to continue manufacturing it in PUR or transform it into another type of thermoplastic. This method helps reduce the risks associated with making the significant investments required for plastic part production.

Low mold investment

We offer a wide variety of manufacturing possibilities, both in terms of materials and finishes, as well as molds. The investment costs are low compared to what you would need to produce the same piece through injection molding. Our development times are also shorter than those required by other manufacturing methods. These two aspects make us more competitive when you need to launch your product in a very short time frame.

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