Types of Polyurethanes


Medium-Density Polyurethane

Medium-density polyurethane has a density ranging from 200 to 400 kg/m3. This density is ideal for seats, handles, and other polyurethane products that come into contact with the body.
Medium-density PUR has a soft and elastic feel that provides a pleasant sensation. It also offers perfect ergonomics for the best seating comfort.

Characteristics of Medium-Density Polyurethane


Medium-density polyurethane is durable and withstands the test of time.


Medium-density polyurethane is one of the best materials for preventing the passage of water.


Medium-density polyurethane is a durable and reliable material. Its components help extend the life of the product in which it is used.

Uses of Medium-Density Polyurethane

Waiting Room Seats

Car Seats

Garden Seats

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