Types of Polyurethanes


Polyurethane of Very High Density

One of the variations of integral polyurethane we offer is very high-density PUR pieces. These are solid pieces with a density of 1,100 kg/m3, ideal for machinery or products that are exposed to the outdoors.
At Poliuretanos G6, we manufacture very high-density PUR pieces using the reaction injection molding (RIM) process, which is ideal for producing large-sized pieces and provides excellent results. Very high-density polyurethane can withstand various weather conditions and offers maximum impact resistance. Furthermore, it is virtually unbreakable, and rigid high-density polyurethane possesses significant flexibility for molding.
This type of polyurethane is commonly used in urban equipment because it can withstand moisture and impacts effectively.

Characteristics of Very High-Density Polyurethane


Very high-density polyurethane performs exceptionally well in hostile environments, including extreme temperatures and rain. Adverse environmental conditions and chemicals will not cause degradation of this material.

Thermal Insulation

This material helps maintain the temperature of the product it is used for.

Resistance to Fungi and Mold

Most polyurethanes prevent the growth of fungi and mold on the surfaces where they are used. This is an advantage for using this plastic material in shady or damp areas.


It is one of the best materials for preventing water penetration, making it ideal for outdoor products.


Polyurethane systems are used in various sectors due to their durability and strength.

Uses of very high-density polyurethane

Payment terminal for bus or metro

Highway toll payment terminal

Payment terminal for bus or metro

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